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My name is Craig, I started Coastphotos back in 2009 as a place to show my Motorsport photos for others to view, but taking photos for me started way before that, i can remember when dad got this tiny digital camera, it came with a 256MB SD card back then that was huge, it had some program u had to install on the computer to get the images off and we used to call it " The Buzzy Bee program " as the icon was a bee flying around the screen why it was importing the images.

Then started taking loads of random photos all around the place, i had always been apart of our local speedway club, been a pit crew members for a mate and to even racing myself, it got me thinking that i could do 2 things that i enjoy and bring them together.

Photo's and speedway, fast forward a few years and now I'm out there every speedway meeting taking photos, and doing it alot more got me into taking loads more photos I cant stop taking them always have my camera with me to take photos, speedway, weddings, Formal events, Landscape any type of photo to be taken
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NZ MOD PHOTOS DAY !We have uploaded day 1 photos from the NZ mod title that was held in Greymouth at Greenstone Park speedway.

2016Winter 2016, is a slow down time for us, but we are always on the look out for new ideas,

have a few projects ...
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